“Patti can hold so much space – she’s incredibly grounded and strong…and soft at the same time.” – S.F, New York

“Thank you so much for holding such a beautiful space for me.” A.K., New York

“You are a wonder. A true healer. Thank you.” Pam H., New York

“You are a magician.” Petra, England

“Patti’s gentle way of holding space and supporting me as I heal deep childhood trauma is nothing short of miraculous!! When I first found Patti, I was very motivated to heal my childhood pain because I knew it was blocking me from living a full life and attracting the true love I so deeply desired.

In our first session together, I committed to working on myself and showing up to each session fully, completely, and with an open heart trusting that what was to evolve from our sessions together was for my highest good. In just the first six weeks of working together, my life shifted beyond measure! In our first session, I attracted the love of my life and learned many life skills which helped me to manage my emotions and live daily from a place of empowerment rather than victimhood. I was drawn to working with Patti because of how powerfully she holds space for me to own my power and deal with whatever is coming up for me at any given moment. Now, my life is filled with JOY, LOVE, and deep gratitude. I take responsibility for all that I create and feel a sense of appreciation for the beautiful relationship that is blossoming due to my work with Patti. The single biggest reason I highly recommend working with Patti is that she helps you step into owning your genius and developing a beautiful relationship with yourself. I now have a very special relationship with my inner child that almost never existed before. My life is forever changed thanks to her healing powers!!”

Cheryl, Canada

“I started working with Patti when I was at rock bottom. A shattering breakup and betrayal had left me in deep despair. I was jobless and unsure how I would support myself. I felt worthless, lost, and afraid that I couldn’t make it on my own. Patti supported me in a way I’ve never been supported in my life. I had tried traditional therapy for many years. It doesn’t compare to my work with Patti, which has created true healing and transformation. I’ve reclaimed power that I thought was lost, gained clarity of my innate gifts and talents, and learned to rely on my inner resources instead of seeking outside validation. As we worked together, I went from being jobless to a successful career, and now have secured my dream job in a field I love. I’m making it on my own and will continue to create the life I desire.”

K.P., California

“I highly recommend working with Patti.  She has a very compassionate, accepting and loving presence that makes her sessions a very heart-felt and profound experience!”

-Jenna, Colorado

“As a Healer, Patti brings gentle strength, compassion, and wisdom and creates a space for you to become who you truly are.”

J Macleod, Vermont

“During our session, I could relax very quickly and completely.  I felt like I was in a wonderful meadow filled with flowers, lying in the grass and then flying with butterflies. In the end, I felt very well and relaxed, very similar to the feeling after a deep meditation or Feldenkrais therapy. After our time together, I felt much better, and I had more energy.”

Alfred, Germany, suffering from extreme fatigue due to heart medication

“Patti has been instrumental in my development to become more focused and spiritual.  The energy work opened my chakras and enabled me to unblock my issues.  I am grateful to have had the foresight to trust Patti.”

-Mary, New York

“After all of our sessions, I felt both relaxed and energized at the same time.  What I found very fascinating was that during one of these sessions, I felt a freezing cold flow of energy going through my body. I had not mentioned that to Patti, but she told me after the session that she energetically froze my germs out of my body. In other sessions, it felt like some emotional block was lifted, and I felt safe enough to cry and heal. I can strongly recommend working with Patti. Her sessions are truly a very healing experience – physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Susanne, New York

“There is no question about it. Patti is a gifted energy healer. She takes her work seriously with amazing results.  Besides going myself, I have sent friends to her, and they have had impressive results.”

-Caroll, New York