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You Can’t Heal Fear Alone (this is why)

"Every part of our personality that we do not love will become hostile to us." Robert Bly, poet When I first began inner healing work, I was afraid. I feared what I would find locked inside of me. Would I discover that I was a terrible person? Would I be overwhelmed by painful, repressed memories? For transformation… Continue reading You Can’t Heal Fear Alone (this is why)

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Lung Clearing Meditation

If you're struggling with breathing or lung health issues, I'm sharing a lung-clearing meditation I created for a client. When a part of our body is ill, the tendency is to disconnect from the area. This also happens when you're injured and don't want to feel the pain. So, you pull your attention away and… Continue reading Lung Clearing Meditation

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Let Your Longing Be Your Guide

What does your heart secretly long for? A longing is a message. It's your next step. Let it guide you. You can have whatever your heart desires in a relationship: closeness, trust, and joy. The key is finding out what stands in the way and committing to working through the inner and outer obstacles that… Continue reading Let Your Longing Be Your Guide


Is Your Anxiety or Depression Caused by Past Pain?

There's an unseen and unfelt emotional world that exists within you and around you. When heartbreaking words were spoken to you that were too painful to bear, you used your energy to suppress the pain. Shutting away the pain, you locked away some of your energy, and part of you is still stuck at the… Continue reading Is Your Anxiety or Depression Caused by Past Pain?

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What Grounding Won’t Do For You

Grounding is crucial to feeling safe and stable. However, the energy blocks in your field limit your ability to ground. Energy can't ground through unhealed trauma, which causes instability and uprootedness. A core channel of upward and downward energy connects you to the earth and the divine. Energy blocks in this channel or your field… Continue reading What Grounding Won’t Do For You