Adventures in Sleeping

If you aren’t catching your dreams, you’re missing valuable guidance. Each night your psyche is taking you on journeys and sending you important messages.

Messages may warn you of health issues or show you a glimpse of the future. You may visit a dear departed one or experience a profound healing.

Years ago, my child was suffering physically, and her pediatrician didn’t know why. I took the question of her health into my dreams. The first dream was of a friend on a beach, lying on her side on her towel, waving her hand near her bottom. I didn’t get the message because I forgot that this friend had suffered extensively from parasites. I took the question into my dreams again. This time I saw my child sitting on my lap while visiting my obstetrician.

I took action. I made an appointment with my doctor. At my visit, I asked about my child’s symptoms, and she correctly diagnosed that it was a parasite.

This is the power of the information that comes through dreams.

I’ve created a 7-minute video to get you started with dream exploration.

Comment and share your dream messages or any questions you have about dreamwork.

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