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The Inner Places You Go Dark

Working with a client, I saw them disappearing in front of my eyes. They seemed present and put together to the ordinary eye. But, a part of them had gone missing.

I sensed the energy around the heart was depleted and depressed. The energy field surrounding their body was sunken in places.

They weren’t inhabiting the power circuit that runs up and down the spine. They were functioning in a partial state of collapse.

There was a disconnection in their voice. It looked like they were speaking to me, except they were talking into the air.

The disconnected words didn’t traverse the relational space between us.

When you’re used to no one closely listening, you learn to speak into a void.

Deeply hidden, there was a muteness—an unspoken pain where they suffered silently.

The dysfunctional patterns that show up in sessions drive and cycle the emotional pain or stuckness in your life.

Healing is noticing where you’re hiding inside, the isolated tucked away places where no one can reach you—where you’ve gone dark.

Silent suffering needs warmth and connection.

Where you’ve gone missing, you need someone to notice and come and find you.

Where you went silent, you need someone who wants to hear your voice.

When you feel isolated, you need someone to sit beside you.

If you’re seeking transformation, I offer a complimentary clarity session to help you begin to get your energy flowing and learn the steps you need to heal.

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