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The Healing Power of Self Love

Stop and think. Or even better, sense it.

Are you allowed to love yourself fully? And what does this really mean?
Do you have permission to love every inch of your body?

I didn’t know loving myself was an option.

Growing up, if someone felt good about themselves, they were called conceited or vain behind their backs. Reflecting on this, the targeted teens had an expanded energy field and a magnetism surrounding them.

And others were envious.

There’s a desire to destroy what we believe we can’t have.

Instead of embracing myself as I was, I shrank inwardly, fearing attention. Being invisible felt safer.

Self-protection is intelligent and it often outlives its original mission. The threat is gone. But, the shrinking remains.

It takes a lot of personal energy to diminish yourself and keep yourself small.

The world tells you that you need to be different and then you can love yourself. This is backwards.

First, you vow to fall deeply in love with yourself, and from this inner love affair, you give and receive love.

Practicing self-love is freeing.

As you meet yourself with kindness, bound up energy flows.

As you meet yourself with patience, how you’ve turned against yourself is revealed.

As you welcome the loathing, rejection and shame, know they are powerless before you.

As you grieve the ways you’ve harmed yourself, ask for forgiveness.

It’s never too late to love all of you.
Because if you’re not going to give this love to yourself. Who will?

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