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This Is Why You Need To Give Up Being A Victim

Unless you’re willing to give up being a victim, healing doesn’t happen. You’ll stay stuck. This isn’t to deny or minimize what happened or to excuse another’s transgression.

People inflict harm on others, knowingly and unknowingly. At some level, everyone is hurting. And no one deserves to be broken.

It pains me to see strong women who are hurting fall into a cycle of suffering that leaves them bitter and unable to disentangle from what happened.

You can emerge stronger.

Recycling stories of how you were harmed feeds your pain and keeps you bound to the one who hurt you. Through the power of your words, you’re unconsciously setting yourself up to re-experience more of the same.

Every word you speak matters. If the inner motivation behind your words arises from negativity, this will be mirrored to you in your interactions and experiences.

If you speak from a longing to heal and let go, restoration will happen.

Looping the same stories in your mind or aloud won’t make you feel better. Your words circle above the deeper pain (betrayal, abandonment, violation) that is seeking repair and healing.

Ultimately, this cry for attention and your need to reinforce how you’ve been wronged pushes people away. And the resulting solitude causes you more pain.

To cope, you may misdirect anger, or even rage, toward innocent others, pushing them away.

With compassion and understanding, the sacred work of a victim is to move from powerlessness to empowerment and from disconnection to connection.

This you can do.

You are the only one responsible for your life, happiness, and recovery. No one can take your power from you because your power lives inside you.

When you’re hurting, you shut down, close off, or give up. Or strike out in retaliation.

There’s another choice.

Opening to the hurt will heal you.

True power is power with another. It’s not power over or power under.

True power emanates from your heart.

You can reclaim your power and your life.

The choice is yours.

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