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What Your Anger is Telling You

Remember when you were young and had to follow your parent’s orders? You wanted to stay home, but your parents insisted you go with them. You had to kiss an extended family member who you didn’t know or eat yucky veggies that made you cringe. You had to go to school when you wanted to […]

Your Body and Spirit Can Heal

Brushed-aside emotions and hurtful experiences get pushed below your awareness and into your body’s cells. These cut-off emotions create symptoms. Symptoms in your body and in your life. Fear, anger, or sadness that didn’t have the opportunity to move through your body and reintegrate into your nervous system stays stuck. Stagnant energy creates symptoms. The […]

The Hidden Effects of Invisible Energy

Invisible, intelligent energy pulses in your body, nourishing your cells, tissues, and organs. It keeps you healthy. When your energy flows, there is a reciprocal exchange of energy with the outside world. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re moving your energy toward or away from certain parts of your body throughout your day. […]