Is Your Anxiety or Depression Caused by Past Pain?

There’s an unseen and unfelt emotional world that exists within you and around you.

When heartbreaking words were spoken to you that were too painful to bear, you used your energy to suppress the pain. Shutting away the pain, you locked away some of your energy, and part of you is still stuck at the age it happened. That’s why you have big emotions when small triggers occur. It hits the old hurt, and the pain resurfaces to be brought into your awareness and to heal.

These unhealed hurts can cause depression, anxiety, or even physical symptoms. Sometimes anxiety is about something that happened in the past that your body still remembers and believes it will happen again.

Realize there is always intelligence in anxiety or depression. Our energetic systems are designed to help us survive.

As you free trapped energy, you have more creativity to enhance your life.

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