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Let Your Longing Be Your Guide

What does your heart secretly long for?

A longing is a message. It’s your next step. Let it guide you.

You can have whatever your heart desires in a relationship: closeness, trust, and joy.

The key is finding out what stands in the way and committing to working through the inner and outer obstacles that arise.

Each time you’re hurt, you close off a bit of your heart for self-preservation. You want intimacy, and yet you fear it. You want to be loved, and deep down, you question if you’re lovable.

When you make the courageous choice to take a risk and open your heart to another, your inner gatekeepers wake up afraid you’ll be hurt again. The old childhood wounds appear. Will you be rejected? Will you be left? Will you be betrayed?

To create the close relationships you want, look inside, not outside. Once you heal the old pain you carry, your relationships will blossom.

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