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What Grounding Won’t Do For You

Grounding is crucial to feeling safe and stable. However, the energy blocks in your field limit your ability to ground. Energy can’t ground through unhealed trauma, which causes instability and uprootedness.

A core channel of upward and downward energy connects you to the earth and the divine. Energy blocks in this channel or your field form outer disturbances and difficulties. The more unhealed trauma you carry in your body, the more destabilized your experience.

When you heal the big and small traumas, the unhindered energy flows downward and roots into the earth. This creates a balanced, solid foundation in your pelvis and legs. This inner stable support system helps you feel resilient and capable.

Rocky areas of your life settle. Unusual insight emerges. Problematic relationships transform or dissolve.

Daily grounding and getting into your body through movement, song, nature, or even giggling with a friend is only part of the solution. And if you find what grounds you and commit to doing it daily, you’ll see the effects in your life.

In order to heal deeply rooted relationship issues, you need to go beyond grounding. This is the work I do with my clients.

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