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Lung Clearing Meditation

If you're struggling with breathing or lung health issues, I'm sharing a lung-clearing meditation I created for a client. When a part of our body is ill, the tendency is to disconnect from the area. This also happens when you're injured and don't want to feel the pain. So, you pull your attention away and… Continue reading Lung Clearing Meditation

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What Grounding Won’t Do For You

Grounding is crucial to feeling safe and stable. However, the energy blocks in your field limit your ability to ground. Energy can't ground through unhealed trauma, which causes instability and uprootedness. A core channel of upward and downward energy connects you to the earth and the divine. Energy blocks in this channel or your field… Continue reading What Grounding Won’t Do For You

Energetic Health, Energy Healing

An Ass-Kicking Healing & Advice for Empaths

I got my ass kicked this week.  It was just another normal day of giving energy healings.   Ok, I know normal and energy healings are not usually used in the same sentence. The healing itself went exceptionally well - for the client!!  She loved, loved, loved it as she was feeling so clear, relaxed… Continue reading An Ass-Kicking Healing & Advice for Empaths


An Easy Way to Transform Your Life

So, you say you want change.  Enough is enough and you need things to change NOW!! Answer this:  Do you eat only certain foods? Frequent the same restaurants? Wear only particular colors and styles. How long have you had that hairstyle?  Your life is probably pared down to a comfy, quaint routine.  Sitting on the couch… Continue reading An Easy Way to Transform Your Life