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An Ass-Kicking Healing & Advice for Empaths

I got my ass kicked this week.  It was just another normal day of giving energy healings.   Ok, I know normal and energy healings are not usually used in the same sentence.

The healing itself went exceptionally well – for the client!!  She loved, loved, loved it as she was feeling so clear, relaxed and refreshed.  Isn’t the usually the case?  But, when I finished I knew I was in a heap of trouble.  My field was majorly out of whack. I had lots of juicy energy flowing through me.  Actually, it felt like I was shot out of a cannon.  Super adrenaline rush!

The problem was that I couldn’t do one thing with that energy.  All that energy, but no will to use it.  I knew I couldn’t accomplish anything.  Of course, I grounded.  It didn’t hold.  I tried to lay down. Nope, too wired to sleep.

Damn, another learning opportunity!  Fortunately, I had two Take Care of Myself sessions already booked for the next two days.  One session with my healer and the other with my professional supervisor/healer!  In this kind of work, you must have a team!!

Being an empath has it pitfalls.  This is the reason crowds exhaust me and solitude rejuvenates me. The meaning of Empath from Urban Dictionary,  “A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they are not going through the same situation.”

I connect through my heart.  I feel what you feel and I especially feel the emotional pain you are trying not to feel.  Sometimes it hits me in a split-second and I could burst into tears. Often, I feel people’s emotions before it hits their own awareness.  It is both a visceral sensation, as well as an energy I sense in the space between us.

As an energy healer, the heart is my doorway to connect with clients.  Truthfully, it feels amazing and may even be a bit addictive.  I LOVE FEELING!  But, this last healing has guided me to another way.  My physical health, which is directly affected by my energy field, is a top priority.

Healing as an empath with an open heart sometimes is like opening a door to an overstuffed closet. All that mess spills right on top of me.

I don’t want to take on that mess anymore! You shouldn’t either.  I wrote the following for empathic healers, but empathic people can translate this advice to everyday living.

1.  Stay in Your Own Body – Instead of going out energetically towards your clients, stay firmly rooted in your body. Track your sensations and emotions while deeply connected to yourself.  This will keep you more grounded.  Don’t lose yourself in your client’s emotions.  Sense them from a distance.

2. Keep Your Heart Protected – Do not merge with the client’s experience, shield your heart from incoming energies.  Of course, the yummy stuff is welcome.  Stay in deep contact with compassion without taking on their dysfunction.

3. Track Fear – Notice any fear which arises in your system.  Do not push away or minimize the feelings that arise within you. Ask yourself, what do you need to do to come back into alignment with the healing?  When my client shared her health history, red flags were rising up.   I knew there was a risk to my health in working with this person.  Clearing viruses is tricky business.  Those little suckers have weaved their way into my field in the past.  If I had taken more time to be with my fear, I would have taking the necessary adjustments to re-align my energy field.

I’m changing my energetic healing tendencies for my health and empowerment.  My high sense perception is also shifting as I no longer rely so heavily on my heart chakra to receive information. Now, other ways of sensing are becoming stronger.  However, my biggest gift – discovering that I don’t have to give myself away to help others transform their lives.  Peace.

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