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Pain Pain Go Away & How To Begin to Heal

Got Backache? Hip Pain? Pain Anywhere?

Every day I see people limping, wincing or gingerly moving as they guard their aching body.  It is surprising how many people choose to do nothing about it.  Some visit doctors, but find no solution. The pain is still there.  They end up suffering daily with chronic or  debilitating pain assuming nothing but surgery will heal them.

Unless the pain’s onset stemmed from a physical injury, ask yourself  – “Where did the pain come from?”

Oh, I slept wrong. Maybe I pulled a muscle when I was cleaning. I don’t know, but suddenly my neck spasmed. Often, the pain comes from nowhere.  It just shows up uninvited.

Emotional Pain can cause Physical Pain! 

What’s going on that you can’t tolerate?  Instead of speaking up and changing your life, you stuff your emotional pain into your back or hip. Maybe it’s a bellyache or migraine.  This is the Mind-Body Connection.  Everything is linked.  Problems in your life will show up in your physical health.

When pain shows up, your life is off-course and your body is yelling to GET YOUR ATTENTION! 

Don’t ignore your pain.  If that sharp twinge or deep ache lingers, act before it becomes chronic.

If you are serious about getting rid of your pain, start here:

1.   Confront your Life Head-On.   List every area of your life that needs change.  It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small.

2.  Commit to One Area.  Choose the area that is really calling out to you.  Don’t pick what’s easy. What has the most juice? The possibilities should make you feel charged up. Where will you start health, career or relationship?

3.  Ask for Answers.  Sit down, clear your mind of distractions and sincerely ask “What can I do?” Write down every answer that comes to you.  No editing. Writing answers that only fall into your comfort zone cuts off your guidance.

4.  Choose 1 or 2 Action Steps.  Do not wait on your action steps.  If an action can be done immediately, do it. Otherwise, deadline it for this week.  Don’t play small, go for it.  Repeat again and again.

5.  Get Support.  If you have already seen your doctor, don’t give up.  You deserve a pain-free body.  Energy Healing can help you identify and heal the emotional connection to the pain, But, if Energy Healing isn’t your thing, no problem.  Find out what your “thing” is!  How about acupuncture, chiropractic, bodywork or somatic psychology?  There are many amazing complementary modalities available to help you.

It is unnecessary to suffer with pain.  Reach out for support and do everything you can to live with optimal health! Peace.

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