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3 Ways Energy Healing Makes You an Awesome Parent

As you heal, your child heals.  

Energy Healing Changes You as a Person and a Parent.   Your unconscious attitudes, behaviors and unhealed past pain negatively impact your children. All of that unravels and drops away with Energy Healing sessions.  As you transform, your children’s troubling or problematic behavior will also shift. They no longer have to carry your emotional baggage and distorted views about life.  They are free to bring forth more of their authentic self.

My son had crazy meltdowns.  It was quite draining and I tried all different techniques to help him.  It was my personal transformation through Energy Healing which shifted him.  Suddenly, he changed. The meltdowns were far and few between and when they occurred, the intensity and duration were appreciably lessened.

Energy Healing Makes You a Less Reactive Parent.  Through energy healing, you develop more in-the-moment awareness. Instead of being reactive, you become responsive.  You discover you can now catch yourself before having a knee-jerk reaction.  In this space, new solutions emerge that honor your child and your relationship. As a responsive parent, you can now respond with your head and your heart. Your understanding of your child deepens as well as your connection.

I found my parenting tolerance dwindling. Energy Healing taught me the awareness to recognize when I was at my edge. I learned to ride the edge without losing my temper. I explored what was triggering me and recognized what I needed to change in my own behaviors.  Though I’m not perfect, I am much closer to my children and have developed closer, more trusting relationships.

Energy Healing Makes You a Kinder Parent.  As you learn self-love and acceptance, you become kinder and more accepting of your flaws.  Comparison to others drops by the wayside as you discover your untapped gifts and strengths.  As you accept who you are in each moment, no longer striving for someone’s approval or love, you now have greater acceptance and tolerance for your children. Knowing you love their uniqueness, they let their true self shine without having to act or look a certain way to earn your love.

Developing a loving and accepting relationship with myself allowed me to see past societal pressure for my kids to look, act and behave a certain way.  Now, I allow my children to discover their own interests, tastes and creative expression. 

Energy Healing will not only transform your life, but make your family healthier and happier. Peace.

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