Are You Giving Away Your Dreams?

Are you generous? Giving of your time, money or attention to others?  Of course, being generous is a lovely trait.  Plus, you know when you give from your hearts you receive.  But, when your giving is on automatic pilot, you are stifling your dreams. 

Yesterday, I caught myself on automatic. As I practiced techniques for uncovering and releasing distorted beliefs and emotional debris from my system, I felt a beautiful energetic Presence around me. From experience, I knew this Presence was all-powerful and a maker of miracles. As I softened my heart to tolerate receiving this Presence, immediately, “Who can I give this energy to?” sprung into my mind.   Tears filled my eyes as I realized how quickly I want to give it away.  Now, I knew this gift was for me. As the energy weaved through the crevices in my heart, it filled me with an unexpected message. A new dream unfolded.  A dream I didn’t even know I had or wanted. A bigger dream than I would ever dream for myself.  If I had directed this energy towards another, I would have missed this divine message.

An automatic giver has difficulty receiving from others, be it support, compliments, gifts or another’s presence.   Uncomfortable with taking for yourself, you continue to give. Unfortunately, you give so much of yourselves, you are unable to actualize your dreams. 

Reflect on these questions to see if you are living on automatic:

Do you want more for others than for yourself?  Altruistic, yes. Admirable, yes. Drop deeper as a piece of this may cover a sense of unworthiness or a fear of failure. See if you place others first to avoid stepping fully into your biggest dreams.

Do you blurt out “Yes” without considering what you are giving up?  Realizing your dreams depends on your ability to set your boundaries and know what is the best for you.  Pause when you are about to say yes to giving your time, money or attention.  Let your body sensations inform your decisions.

Do you often drop what you are doing because someone needs your help?  As a pattern, this places your dreams on the back burner and tells others their needs are more important than yours.  Focused energy is imperative to creation. If you designate yourself as “on call”, your needed laser-like focus scatters with each interruption. Block out Me Time with no distractions.

Don’t give away your dreams.  Pause.  Allow the moment to speak to you. Open to receive and usher forth your biggest dream for yourself. xo.

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