An Easy Way to Transform Your Life

So, you say you want change.  Enough is enough and you need things to change NOW!!

Answer this:  Do you eat only certain foods? Frequent the same restaurants? Wear only particular colors and styles. How long have you had that hairstyle?  Your life is probably pared down to a comfy, quaint routine.  Sitting on the couch glued to “your shows” is not going to help you lose weight, gain employment or mend your marriage.

Your Assignment:  One thing different!  That’s all. No biggie!

Try one new veggie or fruit. Ask someone out on a date.  Make a new recipe. If you like sports, visit an art gallery.  If you like art, go bike riding.  Pick something out of your norm that’s easy to carry out.  This is not something to break a sweat over. Choose something that has appeal!

To Really Rev It Up:  Tie your choice into one of your goals.  If it’s eating healthier, then try a new veggie. If it’s attracting a mate, then update your hairstyle.  You want change, you need to take the first step. Action Required! Pick an area of your life that isn’t hitting optimum levels for added oomph.

One small change makes a huge difference. It tells the universe that you are open and ready for change.

Take one risk this week by stepping out of your comfort zone.  Open yourself up to the mysteries of the universe.  Take a chance. You are opening to an amazing, magical life.

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