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Secret Messages From Your Body

What’s the hidden message in your aches and pains?

People usually credit most body aches to injury, overexertion or old age. That is definitely a possibility. But, before you run to the doctor or grab the Tylenol, take a little time to listen to your inner physician.

Pain in our Life = Pain in our Bodies

Your body speaks to you in the language of both pleasurable and painful sensations.  Signals that your life is off-course can come in the form of unexplained symptoms, joint pain, headaches, back pain and more.  Maybe the pain stems from your inability to pay your bills or from the lack of intimacy with your partner.  If you continue to ignore what needs changing in your life, your body may use pain to get your attention. Heed its call.  Your body is your biggest ally and the easiest way to access guidance about your life. Pain tells you that something in your life needs your attention now.

Who is the pain in your neck? What’s got you all twisted out of shape? Is someone stabbing you in the back?

If you need more help tuning into the secret message from your body, follow these steps:

1.  Get Quiet – Find a place where you are not distracted and have some time to yourself.

2.  Notice the Pain – Let the pain expand. I like to give it even more room. Instead of turning away from it, allow yourself to really feel it.  What does it feel like? Maybe it  is sharp, tingly or has a wave-like quality. Also, notice if it is steady or if it shifts in any way.

3.  Ask – So simple! Just ask the pain what it wants you to know.  Wait for an answer.  Your mind may pop up an answer immediately.  Give it a little more time and space to see what else comes.  The answer may come in various forms. You may see an image, hear a song lyric, experience memories or suddenly know what it is about.

4. Act – If you got your answer, then what is the next step? Do you need to call someone? Clear out your closet? Look for another job? Cut out dairy? Honestly, it may not be a major life change. It might be a small change, such as smiling at your neighbor.  Follow your body’s inner guidance and take that step.  That step, no matter how big or trivial, is imperative to your health and well-being. Each step moves you toward the biggest dream for your life.

If you get stuck, keep practicing. It may take a little time to develop a relationship with your body’s wisdom.  Also, it is possible that you are blocking the information because you aren’t ready to know or to change what isn’t working in your life.  No shame there. Try again when you feel ready.  Peace.

P.S. – See a doctor if you don’t find relief.

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