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What’s Your Energetic Weight?

Weight is a national obsession. You can’t escape from the commercial bombardment of weight loss supplements, programs, and books. But, I’m going to throw in a weight that is much more important than the number on your scale, that is your Energetic Weight.

Energetic Weight drags you down and saps your energy. It’s emotional baggage and I’m wondering what’s in your luggage? I don’t want to make light of this because you may be carrying around deeply painful experiences.

Perhaps it’s the heaviness of unprocessed grief from your mother’s death.  Maybe it’s the lower back pain and emotional stress from all the debt you are carrying? What about that hardness around your heart that’s been there since your ex cheated on you years ago?

the human atmosphere

Sense into your Energetic Weight to discover what you are carrying around each day.

Healthy Energetic Weight = buoyancy, flow, dynamic, shifting, evolving

Unhealthy Energetic Weight = stagnant, heavy, compact, tense, blah

Our unresolved past and present experiences are held as energies in and around your body. When these energies are stuck, they can negatively affect your physical, emotional and mental health.  Instead of moving forward in your life and activating your dreams, you can be stuck in repetitive relationship patterns. Energy that is needed to maintain your health or start that new business venture is not only frozen and unusable but also blocking you from attracting and creating your ideal life.

Your looking for a new love but you have not cleared the energy from that past lousy relationship which left you with a lot of disheartening beliefs about trust.  You end up bringing that baggage to the dating scene and wonder why you aren’t meeting anybody.

I know you want to get that job, find love, restore your health or just be happy. Please continue to tune into your energetic weight. Where are you sensing distress, uneasiness or emotional pain? This is where the gold lies. Under these condensed energies, lie your creativity, your love and your amazing gifts waiting to be brought out into the world.

This is why I love being an energy healer as it is such a gift to me, every time one of my clients clears the old and their life unfolds in new, surprising ways.

Be aware of your Energetic Weight and know that it can shift.  Peace.

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