The Hidden Effects of Invisible Energy

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Invisible, intelligent energy pulses in your body, nourishing your cells, tissues, and organs. It keeps you healthy. When your energy flows, there is a reciprocal exchange of energy with the outside world.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re moving your energy toward or away from certain parts of your body throughout your day. When I feel a teensy bit afraid, I tighten my thighs and slightly tilt my pelvis forward. This movement pulls my energy out of my pelvis and into my upper body. You might think, so what? Repeat this hundreds or thousands of times, and it is an issue. This movement pulls away the energy required for the health of my pelvis, reproductive organs, hips, legs, and feet. Your energy must be distributed throughout your cells, bones, organs, etc. Your body and your relationships can’t thrive without life-sustaining energy.

There are many ways you move your energy to protect yourself. Unconsciously squeezing or shielding your heart to thwart heartache can create heart conditions and relationship difficulties. A genuine relationship is impossible when your heart wears a Do Not Enter sign.

When a physical or emotional injury occurs, the flow and pattern of energy change—disrupted energy shifts in various ways. Stagnation and depression occur when some of your energy stops moving. Entanglement happens when you’re tangled up with someone else or in a problematic situation. The unseen energetic cords that attach you to the other or the problem are unhealthily tangled.

If your family judges tears or anger, you hold it back and push it down until you can’t feel it anymore. These emotions stay buried in your cells and cause illness or crisis as you age. You build an interior wall to hold down the fear, rage, or grief which can leave you feeling numb, disconnected, or like something is missing. Plus, it takes an enormous amount of energy not to feel.

Depletion or energy leaks can cause a sense of emptiness or fatigue—your power leaks to your unhealed past. Unresolved conflicts, upsetting events, and big and small traumas lock away the vital energy you need for your life today. The blocked energy is released when you fully feel what you cut off and integrate past hurts. You’ll feel more internal ease and vitality.

A shift begins when you reconnect to your body and sense the energetic currents that are negatively impacting your life. As the energy flows again, outdated habits transform, and new possibilities and potentials emerge.

Patti supported me in a way I’ve never been supported in my life. I had tried traditional therapy for many years. It doesn’t compare to my work with Patti, which has created true healing and transformation.

I offer a complimentary clarity session if you’re interested in working with me. Much of my work focuses on emotional healing and the relational field. You are in relationship with everything. Your Inner World. Your Body and Health. Your Past and Your Future. Work. Money. People. Divinity. Community and more. We go below the story and the words to sense the energy patterns, unhealed trauma, and dysfunctional relational dynamics. You’ll get a sense of how I work, and we’ll begin the transformational healing process together. All sessions are confidential. Please answer the questions here to get started. 

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