Your Body and Spirit Can Heal

Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on Pexels.com

Brushed-aside emotions and hurtful experiences get pushed below your awareness and into your body’s cells. These cut-off emotions create symptoms. Symptoms in your body and in your life. Fear, anger, or sadness that didn’t have the opportunity to move through your body and reintegrate into your nervous system stays stuck. Stagnant energy creates symptoms. The aches and upset stomach are more than what they seem. Something is indigestible. Heart issues are more than physical. There’s heartache that needs healing. Each symptom contains information critical to reclaiming lost vitality, healing past pain and restoring health.

Our culture trains you to ignore symptoms. They can be physical like pain or chronic disease. Or relational – partner issues, work problems, family drama, and more. When a symptom arises, you go to the doctor or the pharmacy to find something to repress the discomfort or find a way to distract yourself from the issue. You may shop, binge, drink too much, scroll social media, etc. These tactics don’t address the underlying pain. The symptom may subside, but another body ache or relationship disruption emerges.

When you begin to look closely and sense into the discomfort, hidden intelligence emerges. The energy starts to move again. Memories surface. Emotions are felt again. Understanding dawns. Bound up energy returns. What was calling for attention can now rest peacefully.

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