What Your Anger is Telling You

Remember when you were young and had to follow your parent’s orders? You wanted to stay home, but your parents insisted you go with them. You had to kiss an extended family member who you didn’t know or eat yucky veggies that made you cringe. You had to go to school when you wanted to stay in bed.

Although the memories are from long ago, the resentment and annoyance still live inside of you. A younger you scowls with crossed arms, saying, “You can’t make me, “I’m not going,” or “I hate you.”

Most children weren’t allowed to talk back to authority. Parents or other caregivers didn’t want to hear how you felt about visiting Uncle Ron. They wanted you in the car immediately. Do you remember those unpleasant car rides with seething siblings? If you can’t direct your anger towards your parents, you’ll inwardly suffer or make your siblings miserable.

The accumulation of small and large resentments builds inside you and bottlenecks your energy. Because you’ve held down so much emotion, a seemingly minor irritation can cause an unwarranted outburst. You lose it like a child having a tantrum. You overreact, and you have no idea why.

The scowling younger you has revealed itself. Your inner five-year-old or teenage self can finally unleash its fury. Your anger isn’t from your adult self. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice you feel like a kid.

Underneath the anger is where healing happens. Something unresolved in your past is calling for your attention. You’re angry because a deep-rooted, essential need hasn’t been met and is still not getting met.

Resentment, bitterness, and anger are telling you something crucial to your happiness. Are you ready to deeply listen?

These younger, exiled parts are powerful and magnetic. They attract people and situations that will play out the same dysfunctional power dynamic in a repetitive cycle. And they hold back your creativity, passion, innate gifts and more.

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