Like attracts like.  Do you have a rainy day outlook? If so, you will be a magnet for negative people and experiences.  Do you speak unkindly of others? If so, that nasty energy boomerangs right back at you. Wish harm on another and I don’t even want to go there. You can hear the big GROAN […]

What’s the hidden message in your aches and pains? People usually credit most body aches to injury, overexertion or old age. That is definitely a possibility. But, before you run to the doctor or grab the Tylenol, take a little time to listen to your inner physician. Pain in our Life = Pain in our […]

Let your heart lead you.  Your heart knows the way. Stop. Breathe. Drop down into your heart. What is your heart telling you?  Your heart always has the answer.   Your heart always leads you to the next step.   Allow your heart to guide each choice. Your health will blossom.  Your life will blossom. […]

A friend shares about another friend’s illness, a breakup or the rude cashier. Bam, you are impacted! Perhaps there is a sinking feeling in your gut. Or maybe your head suddenly feels confused with a slight spinning sensation.  You have just taken on some bad news. Here are 3 ways you may react: The Energetic […]

Weight is a national obsession. You can’t escape from the commercial bombardment of weight loss supplements, programs, and books. But, I’m going to throw in a weight that is much more important than the number on your scale, that is your Energetic Weight. Energetic Weight drags you down and saps your energy. It’s emotional baggage […]